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Download Internet Explorer 6 Using FTP commands in DOS

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If Internet Explorer becomes corrupted and is no longer able to display web pages, you may determine that it is necessary to re-install the program.  You need to download a fresh copy of IE to re-install it.  The problem is that if your IE is broken, you will not be able to use it to download a fresh copy from sites like tucows.com or download.com or microsoft.com.  You could use another browser such as Netscape, or an FTP client such as CuteFTP.  

If you do not have another browser or an FTP client, then you can use MS-DOS to ftp a copy of Internet Explorer.


Finding FTP Sites that offer IE6:

In your Web Browser (IE, Netscape, etc.) go to http://www.alltheweb.com

Click the option for "FTP files", located at the top right -- just above the search button.

In the search box, type "ie6setup.exe" and click SEARCH, as pictured below.


You will see a list of ftp sites offering this software, as shown below.  

Make note of the ftp address, as you will use this info when typing ftp commands in DOS.

Note: Shorter url's will be easier for customers to handle. Longer url's require more DOS commands.
In the picture below, ftp://ftp.qnet.fi/ie6setup.exe will be easy to use.


Open MS-DOS Prompt:

Click on Start -> Run.


Then type command and click OK, as pictured below.


A DOS window will open, like the one pictured below:


Typing FTP commands:

Easy Example:

This example uses ftp://ftp.qnet.fi/ie6setup.exe

1) Start -> Run, type command and click OK.

2) Type: ftp ftp.qnet.fi

<-- opens an ftp connection to ftp.qnet.fi

3) Type: anonymous

<-- this is your username

4) Type: none@none.com

<-- this is your password

5) Type: hash 

<-- hash marks # will be displayed when transferring files

6) Type: lcd c:\

<-- sets the local directory where files will be downloaded

7) Type: get ie6setup.exe

<-- downloads the file named ie6setup.exe to your computer
      The full path can be typed here as well.
      For a longer url like ftp://ftp.seanet.com/pub/ie/IE6/ie6setup.exe,
                                         Type: get pub/ie/IE6/ie6setup.exe

8) Type: bye

<-- ends the ftp session

9) Go to your C:\ drive to find the ie6setup.exe icon.

Here is an example of the commands and their output in a DOS window.

These basic instructions should be all you need to download a new copy of Internet Explorer.


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