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FreeFTP - FTP Client for Microsoft Windows

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FreeFTP Overview:

FreeFTP is a popular FTP Client for transferring large files.  It is free -- provided at no charge.  You can download it from or from sites like or

It lets you establish one ftp session at a time, and only remembers the last site you've used.  So if you have multiple sites to connect to at the same time, it is not the best choice.


Main Window:  Connect, Transfer Files, and Disconnect:

Here is FreeFTP.  There is only one screen for everything.


Enter the FTP's URL Here = follows this format: No directory, initial remote directory or path.

User ID = follows this format: (which will route you to the right directory)

Note:  Personal Website URL:  The address of your website will follow this format: This is the web address where other people will go to see your website.


Click the Connect button after you've configured your connection.

Transferring Files:

The top-left box shows files and folders on your FTP personal web site.

The bottom-left box shows files and folders on your computer.

Click the Send button to upload files from your computer to your FTP site. 

Click the Receive button to download files from your FTP site to your computer.


When you are finished transferring files, click the Disconnect button .


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