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  WS_FTP Pro 2006 - FTP Client for Microsoft Windows 

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  Creating a new FTP account:

To build your personal Web page or any Internet site, you need to transfer your site's files to the server.  The following tutorial shows how to create a new account so you can connect to the server and transfer your files.  Do the following:

On the Toolbar, click Tools and select Site Manager from the menu.


The Site Manager appears.

To the right, click the Create Site button.


The Connection Wizard starts.

Site Name  =  Give the site a distinctive name.

Click the Next button to continue.


Connection Type  =  Select the option FTP from the menu.

Click the Next button to continue.


Server Address  =  Enter the address to the server.  It follows this format:  users.ispname.com.

Click the Next button to continue.


User Name  =  Enter the username you use to connect to the Internet (including the domain tail).  It follows this format:  username@ispname.com.
Password  =  Enter the password you use to connect to the Internet.

Important:  Passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock key is DISabled.

Click the Next button to continue.


That's it.

Note:  If you want to connect to your site now, select the option Connect to this site.  In this example, we didn't connect.

Click the Finish button to complete the wizard.


We return to the Site Manager window.

You can click the Connect button to begin your session or the Close button to close the window.


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