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  FTP Voyager - FTP Client for Microsoft Windows 

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  Creating a new FTP account:

To create a new FTP account for your personal Web space, do the following:

On the Toolbar, click Edit and select Site Profiles from the menu.


The FTP Site Profile Editor appears.

In the bottom, left-hand corner, click the New Site button.


Several blank fields appear to the right.

Name  =  Give the site a name.
Description  =  If you want, give the site a description.
FTP Site  =  Enter the address of your personal Web space.  It follows this format:  users.ispname.com.
Default Directory  =  You can leave this blank.
Anonymous Login  =  Uncheck this option.
User ID  =  Enter your username for your dial-up connection (including the domain tail).
Password  =  Enter the password to your dial-up account.
Save Password  =  Enter the password to your dial-up account.

You're done.

Click the Close button.


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