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This is an advanced topic but it's really not very hard with an easily affordable FTP program.  Many people try to send big files using e-mail. E-mail programs use computer machine languages called POP3 & SMTP. Those protocols are designed to handle a lot of small messages reliably but they are not designed to move big files.  As a result, you run the risk of "choking" your e-mail program if you try to send e-mails that are over 500 kb in size (including pictures, attachments, etc.).

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the Internet's "machine language" for moving larger files.  You use an FTP program to do this. They are fairly easy to use if you pick a good program.  We recommend WS_FTP or CuteFTP.  You just connect to your FTP directory and "drag & drop" the files to & from your computer to a folder on our ISP's main computer system.

Click a program below to see how to set up and use that program:


Choose an FTP Client from the list below:

  CuteFTP 7   WS_FTP Pro 2006 SmartFTP
CuteFTP 6   WS_FTP Pro 9 FTP in MS-DOS
CuteFTP 5 WS_FTP Pro 7 CoffeeCup Free FTP
CuteFTP 4 WS_FTP LE FTP Explorer
CuteFTP 3 CoffeeCup Direct FTP FTP Commander
FTP Voyager 12 FreeFTP BulletProof FTP
FTP Voyager 10 Flash FXP    


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