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  Eudora 6 - E-mail Client for Microsoft Windows 

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Key Settings:

Key Settings Cookies

Incoming Mail Server = Follows this format: (or .net) with your ISP's name substituted for " (or .net)".

Outgoing Mail Server = Follows this format: (or .net) with your ISP's name substituted for " (or .net)".

SMTP Authentication (e-mail username) is required to send e-mail.


  Creating new e-mail accounts (personalities):

Below is a tutorial on setting up e-mail accounts.  In Eudora, e-mail accounts are referred to as personalities.  If you're a user with more than one e-mail account, Eudora can manage them for you.  Just follow the screenshots below.

If the Personalities pane is not open, you can click its tab, or click Tools, then Personalities to open the Personalities pane shown at the left of the image below.


Then right-click in the personalities pane and select New from the menu.


The New Account Wizard appears.

Select Skip directly to advanced account setup (It's a lot faster and easier).

Click Finish.


The Create New Account window opens.

Personality Name  =  Give the new e-mail account a name.  In this example, I gave the account the name 'Recessive'.

Real Name  =  Enter your name.
Return Address  =  Enter your e-mail address.
Login Name  =  Enter your e-mail username (everything before the @).

SMTP Server  =  Outgoing Server The Outgoing (SMTP) mail server usually follows this format: (or .net).  Replace the " (or .net)" with your ISP's name.

Enabling SMTP Authentication:

SMTP authentication is required to send e-mail.  Without this enabled, you cannot send e-mail.  SMTP authentication helps deter would-be spammers from spamming you.  SMTP authentication is as simple as checking a box.

To enable SMTP authentication, check the box Authentication allowed.  Eudora will use your e-mail address username and password to authenticate to the SMTP server.

Click the Incoming Mail tab.


Server  =  Incoming Server The Incoming (POP3) mail server usually follows this format: (or .net).  Replace the " (or .net)" with your ISP's name.

Authentication style  =  this should be set to Passwords.

Click OK when finished.


Enabling/disabling auto-dial in Eudora 6:

When enabled, Eudora can connect to the Internet automatically when launched.  Eudora can also disconnect immediately after sending and receiving e-mail.

To enable/disable these functions, follow these steps:

On the Toolbar, click Tools and select Options from the menu.


The Options window appears.

In the left-hand column, scroll down and highlight Internet Dialup.


To enable auto-dial, check the box Have Eudora connect using Dial-up networking.

In the Entry field, select your Internet connection from the drop-down menu.


This feature can be extremely annoying, especially if you don't know what's causing you to disconnect after getting your e-mail.  If you like to browse the Internet as well as get your e-mail, do NOT enable Hang-up after receiving and sending.

Click OK when finished.


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