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Netscape 6 - E-mail Client for Microsoft Windows

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Key Settings:

Key Settings Cookies

Incoming Mail Server =

Outgoing Mail Server =

SMTP Authentication (e-mail username) is required to send mail.


Creating new e-mail accounts:

Warning:  if you delete an e-mail account, all the e-mails will be deleted along with it.

To create a new e-mail account in Netscape 6.X, follow these steps:

On the Toolbar, click Tasks and select Mail & Newsgroups from the menu.


Netscape Mail opens.

On the Toolbar, click Edit and select Mail & Newsgroups Accounts Settings from the menu.


The Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings window opens.

Towards the bottom, left corner, click Add Account.


The Account Wizard launches.

Select Email account from the list.

Click Next to continue.


Your Name  =  Enter your name.
Email Address  =  Enter your e-mail address.

Click Next to continue.


Select POP.

Incoming Server  =  Incoming Server The Incoming (POP3) mail server is

Click Next to continue.


User Name  =  Enter your e-mail username (everything before the

Click Next to continue.


Account Name  =  Enter a name for the e-mail account.  It doesn't matter what you call it, but it should be distinctive.  This will help you distinguish it from any other e-mail accounts you create.

Click Next to continue.


Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Note:  If you need to change any of the information you entered, click 'Back'.  Netscape 6.X will not allow you to change the incoming mail server information once you click Finish.  If you make a mistake, you'll need to create the account again.

Important:  you still need to enable SMTP authentication or you will not be able to send e-mail.  The next screenshot explains this.


Enabling SMTP Authentication:

Highlight Outgoing Server (SMTP).

SMTP authentication helps deter people from spamming you.  It's as simple as entering a username and password.  Without SMTP authentication, you will not be able to send e-mail.

To the right, you'll see three fields:  Server Name, Port, and User Name.

Server Name  =  Outgoing Server The Outgoing (SMTP) mail server is
Port  =  The default port number is perfect:  25.

Check the box Use name and password.

User Name  =  Enter your e-mail username (everything before the

Click the Advanced button.


The Advanced Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings window appears.

Ensure that only one outgoing mail server is entered.  Netscape has difficulty with more than one outgoing mail server.  Delete any obsolete mail servers.

Important:  verify that there are no blank servers entered.  If there are any, you would be able to highlight a space even though the address is not present.

Click OK when finished and close all other windows.


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