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America Online - Microsoft Windows


Uninstalling America Online:

The following is a quick walkthrough for the un-installation process of America Online.

To remove America Online from your computer, follow these steps:

    1.  Open Add/Remove Programs.
                For Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP (Classic View), click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.

                For Windows XP (Category View), click Start -> Control Panel.

            Next, double click Add/Remove Programs.

The Add/Remove Programs window appears:

    2.  Highlight America Online and click Change/Remove.


The following window appears:

You may have to wait awhile...


Eventually you'll be able to continue.

Note:  when you install a new version of America Online, the old version remains on the computer.  You must remove it yourself.

The Uninstall detects any versions of America Online on your computer and displays them in the window below:

    3.  Highlight all versions of America Online displayed.

    4.  Click Next.


America Online is ready to be uninstalled.

    5.  Click Next.


After uninstalling, the following screen appears:

    6.  Click Finish.


You must restart your computer to complete the un-installation process.

    7.  Click OK to restart now or Cancel to return to Windows without restarting.

Note:  you don't have to restart now, but you will eventually have to do so to complete the process.


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