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Removing the mouse and keyboard drivers in Windows 2000 and XP:

Occasionally someone will call in and say when they connect to the Internet their mouse or keyboard stops working.  A possible cause for this is that the modem is sharing the same IRQ as the mouse or keyboard.  The simple fix is to remove the drivers for the mouse OR keyboard and reboot.  The following screenshots explain one way of doing this:

On your Desktop, right click on My Computer and select Properties from the menu.


The System Properties window appears.

Locate and select the Hardware tab.

In the Device Manager section (middle), click the Device Manager button.


The Device Manager opens.

Expand the Keyboards OR Mice and other pointing devices menu.

Highlight the driver.

On the Toolbar, click Action and select Uninstall from the menu.

Yes, you're sure you want to remove the drivers.


Windows should reinstall the drivers and assign the hardware to a different IRQ.


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