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Backing up the system registry:

It is always a good idea to backup (save a copy) of your Win9X Registry before attempting to edit that registry. Otherwise, your entire Windows operating system could be damaged to the point that you will have to reinstall the entire operating system and all of your programs. Here is how you backup the registry.

Click the Start button and choose Run as shown below.


Open  =  type in regedit (as shown below).

Click the OK button.


The Registry Editor is shown below.

Click on the Registry menu option at the top...


...  and select Export Registry File fro the drop-down menu.


The Export Registry File window appears.

Click the drop-down arrow at the right side of the Save in box and select Desktop from the menu.

File name  =  type Backup in the file name box.

Click the Save button to close the window.


Close the registry window and then check to make sure that you have a backup file on your desktop. It will look like this the icon below:

It is now safe to edit the registry. If you screw up then double-click on the backup icon (shown above) on your desktop to return to your original registry settings.


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