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  Dreamweaver MX - Microsoft Windows

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  Key Settings:

The Host Address is  There is no initial directory.  You will be asked to logon when you try to connect.  This will take you to your web folder to which you can upload your website material.  The login is your regular dial-up login used to connect to the Internet.  The format is with your regular password.

The actual website address will be with your username you use to connect to the Internet (without  This is where your friends would go with a Web browser to see your website.


How to set up Dreamweaver MX for Microsoft Windows:

To configure Dreamweaver to connect to your personal Webspace, do the following:

On the Toolbar, click Site and select New Site from the menu.


The Site Definition for...  window opens.

Select the Advanced tab.

This is where you'll enter the information necessary to connect to your personal web page.

In the Category column on the left, highlight Local Info.

Local Info:

Site Name  =  Give your site a name.  It doesn't really matter what you call it.
Local Root Folder  =  Keep the default folder Dreamweaver creates for you or select a different one.
Default Images Folder  = 
HTTP Address  =  You can leave this blank.
Cache  =  Select Enable Cache.


In the Category column on the left, highlight Remote Info.

Remote Info:

Access  =  Select FTP from the menu.


The following options appear:

Remote Info:

FTP Host  =  Enter the host address.  It follows this formula:
Host Directory  =  Leave this blank.
Login  =  Enter your Internet connection username.  It follows this formula:
Password  =  Enter your Internet connection password.

Important:  Passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is disabled.

Click OK when finished.


Transferring your files from your computer to our server:

Now that Dreamweaver has been configured properly, and you've created pages to upload to your Web space, you should have no problem connecting and transferring the files.  To connect to our server and transfer files, do the following:

In the right-hand column, click the Files category to expand its menu.

Select the Site tab and click the Put File(s) icon (the green up-arrow).

Dreamweaver MX will connect and transfer your files to the server.


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