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  FrontPage 2000 - Microsoft Windows

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Important:  November 2002 Update:  We've made changes to the way that FrontPage works with our system.  You can no longer edit pages directly on our main server.  You will need to create the page on your home computer and then use the "Publish Web" feature to post it to our computer system for worldwide viewing.  You can also upload the material using an FTP program. This page discusses how to configure FrontPage to connect to our server and transferring the files from your computer to our server.

Sorry. We no longer support counters, banners & ASP functionality on our personal websites.


  Key Settings:

The Publish Location is  There is no initial directory.  You will be asked to logon when you try to connect.  This will take you to your web folder to which you can upload your website material.  The login is your regular dial-up login used to connect to the Internet.  The format is with your regular password.

The actual website address will be with your username you use to connect to the Internet (without  This is where your friends would go with a web browser to see your website.

Configuring FrontPage 2000 and transferring files your personal web space:

After completing your web page, you'll want to transfer the files and folders to your personal web space.  In FrontPage, this is known as 'Publishing'.  To publish your web page, you'll need to connect to our server by entering the correct information.  The tutorial below discusses where and what information to enter.

On the Toolbar, click File and select Publish Web from the menu.


The Publish Web window appears.

Specify the location to publish your web to  =  enter the FTP address of the server.  It follows this format:

Towards the bottom, left corner, you'll see an Options button.  Click Options.

If you're making changes to your web page, you may want to consider selecting Publish changed pages only.  This way FrontPage will update only the pages to which you made changes rather than the whole web site.

Click Publish to continue.


The Name and Password Required window appears.

Name  =  enter the username you use for your Internet connection.  It follows this format:

Password  =  enter the password you use for your Internet connection.

Important:  passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure your Caps Lock is disabled.

Click OK to begin transferring files and folders.


FrontPage will transfer the files.  It may take a few minutes or more depending on the amount and size of the files being transferred.


When finished, FrontPage will let you know if the transfer were successful or not.

Click Done.


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