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Frontpage 98

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Connecting To Your Website On The ISP's Web Server:

Frontpage98 (FP98) is different than Frontpage 2000. There are two main components: Frontpage Explorer and Frontpage Editor. You open Frontpage Explorer to navigate the website. Whenever you create a new page or edit an existing page, Frontpage Editor will pop-up to handle those functions.

Open Frontpage98 by double-clicking on the FrontPage Explorer icon (pictured above) or by clicking on the Start button -> Programs -> Microsoft FrontPage (as pictured below).


You will see the window pictured below. If you've opened your website before then it will be listed in the box. Just double-click it open. If this is your first time to use Frontpage98 to open your website then click the "more webs" button.


The "more webs" button will generate the window below. Type in your full website address (including http://) as demonstrated below. Once you've entered in the website address, click the OK button.



Website Development Environment:

The main Frontpage98 Explorer window is pictured below. You are now ready to add website content or edit existing content.

Click the "New Page" button (top left hand corner) to create a new Web page. This will open the Frontpage Editor window where you create and edit Web content. You can also double-click any existing content (such as index.html in the picture below) to go into Frontpage Editor to design Web pages.

Tip: Be sure to name your home page index.html (not .htm, .asp, etc.). You can use those extensions on any other pages but the home page must be index.html.


Saving (NOT "publishing") Your Website: The Frontpage Editor window is pictured below. Type in your content. Use the file menu to save new material. Do NOT use the "publish" function. You are already logged directly onto our ISP Web server so you merely have to save changes and additions as you make them.


Menu Options: | File | Edit | View | Insert (inc. Hyperlinks) | Format | Tools | Table | Frame |

File Menu Options are pictured below. You can use "new" to create a new page. You use "save" to save your additions and changes. "Save As" will let you name newly created pages. "Page Properties" will allow you to color hyperlinks, etc.


Edit Menu Options: This menu includes the standard "copy" and "paste" options. It also gives you the opportunity to edit selected hyperlinks and/or internal bookmarks. In order to create a new hyperlink, go to the "insert" menu.


View Menu Options: This menu allows you to choose which toolbars to display.


Insert Menu Options Including Hyperlink Creation: This menu allows you to add various components such as time stamps, pictures, hover buttons, marquees, hit counters, etc. Please note that the search components will only work with virtual domains ( and not personal websites. For virtual domains, you will need to have "indexing" added to your account by our ISP domain support team.


Hyperlink Options: Click inside of your Web page (or select a picture) to place a hyperlink. Once selected, choose the "insert" menu and choose hyperlink. This will result in the window pictured below.

If you are choosing a link within your own website then choose it from the big box which shows everything in that website. You can also put a URL website address into the URL box. This will link you to any website on the World Wide Web.

You can create a link to a brand new page in your website by clicking the "new page" button and then creating the new page.


Click on the e-mail button  to create an e-mail link. The following box will pop-up. Put in an e-mail address and hit OK.


Format Menu Options: You can select font options, bullets, numbering and page background info through this menu.


Tools Menu Options: This menu has spell checker, etc. It also has a link to Frontpage Explorer and Image Editor (the Microsoft version of photo editing).


Table Menu Options: This menu has options for creating and editing tables in your website.


Frame Menu Options: This menu has options for creating and editing "frames" pages within your website.


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