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You surf the Web with a program commonly known as a "browser."  To view a walk-though on how to configure your browser, click on your browser link below:

Browsers:     Browser Related Products: 
Internet Explorer 6 Netscape 8.1   Mozilla Firefox 1.5 BrowseBlast & BrowseBlast Plus Web Accelerator v3
Internet Explorer 5 Netscape 8.0   Mozilla Firefox 1.0 BrowseBlast
Web Accelerator v2
Internet Explorer 4 Netscape 7.2   Mozilla 1.x ProxyWatch Filter Lock 
MSN Explorer Netscape 7.1 Opera 8.0    
SlimBrowser Netscape 6.x Opera 7.5    
  Avant Browser Netscape 4.x Opera 7.21    

Pocket Internet Explorer Opera 6.3    


Note: If you have an older version of one of these browsers then go get the latest version. The software is free and it will enable you to have all of the latest capabilities when you surf (unless you don't have enough "hard disk" memory to load the newest version). You can download this software at http://www.tucows.com or http://www.download.com.


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