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Creating message filters:

Filters are rules telling Netscape how to manage your e-mail.  They are used in conjunction with folders.  They can be used to send e-mail automatically to folders you create or eliminate e-mails you don't want.  In this tutorial, we'll create a filter that sends a specific e-mail to the folder we created in the 'Folders' tutorial.

On the Toolbar, click Window and select Mail & Newsgroups from the menu.


Netscape Mail opens.

On the toolbar, click Tools and select Message Filters from the menu.


The Message Filters window appears.

Click New to create a new filter.


The Filter Rules window opens.

Filter name  =  give the new filter a name.

Select Match any of the following.

Note the five fields.

In the first field, I selected Sender from the menu.

In the second field, I selected contains from the menu.

In the third field, I entered Grandma.


In the fourth field, I selected Move to folder from the menu.

In the fifth field, selected Family from the menus.


Now, any e-mail message that has the Sender field containing Grandma will be moved automatically to the Family folder.

Click OK when finished.


The new filter now shows in the list.

You can edit and modify filters or create additional filters from here.  You can create different types of filters to manage your e-mail.  Experiment.

Click OK when finished.


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